You can quickly add notes to Notebag, pin them to the Start and set reminder or alarm for them. Notes can also be added directly from Action Center without opening the app. Ability to create multiple notebooks helps you keep related notes together.

You can organize your notes even better with colorizing, using flags and even adding multiple tags to each one. You can quickly access your notes, search them by content or theirs tags.

Scheduler, Alarm and Reminder

Schedule your notes and set alarm or reminder for them, you'll be notified at the time!

  • Schedule for a specific date, set recurrence interval if you need to
  • Schedule for specific days of week
  • Specify whether you want to get notified by an alarm, reminder or a simple notification

Multiple Notebooks

Have related notes together to keep them more organized.

  • Create, rename and delete notebooks
  • Keep related notes in a separate notebook

Search and Filter

Quickly find a note with search and filter features.

  • Search through note title, content and tags
  • Filter scheduled or flagged notes
  • Filter notes by tag to find related notes

Bag Action

Quickly add notes through Action Center without opening the app.

  • Select a notebook, if you have more than one
  • Type a note and save it quickly

Pinned Notes

Keep important notes in front of your eyes by pinning them to Start Screen.

  • Select tile color for pinned notes
  • Scheduled and remaining time will also be displayed on the tile for scheduld notes

Tag, Color and Flag

Organize your notes even more by adding tags to each note, flagging important notes or assigning different colors to them.

  • Add one or more tag to each note
  • Assign a color to each note
  • Flag important notes

Multiple Views

View many notes and at same time in List View or quickly navigate through note pages in Page View.

Backup & Restore

Backup all your notes by a single tap into local storage or OneDrive.

  • Backup all your notes and notebooks once
  • Simply store backup file to OneDrive or local storage

Other Features

  • Copy and Share
  • Trash